CSR and Environmental Affairs in Pharma and in Healthcare

I have had two very interesting days discussing CSR and environmental initiatives within the pharmaceutical industry and within healthcare. I have been the co-host together with Pauline Göthberg (national co-ordinator for social responsibility in public procurement) for meetings and visits by two participants from the Swedish Institute Management Program (Richa Pant, CSR Manager from Glenmark Pharmaceuticals in India, and Krishna Kumar, Regulatory Affairs Manager from Aurolab in India). Yesterday we spent the whole day at SLL (Stockholm County Council) discussing CSR and environmental issues from a number of different angles, e.g. supply chain management, procurement, philantrophy, environmental incentives, sustainability programs, corruption and many more. And today we had the privilege to see a very strong environmental, health and safety program in practice when we visited Kemwell in Uppsala. In Uppsala, Kemwell’s QA & EHS Manager Ann-Louise Blomberg guided us through API manufacturing (Active Pharmaceutical Ingridient) as well as pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging operations.

Happy people visting Kemwell

Happy people visting Kemwell

The discussions we have had during the two days have been very good. The discussions show the great importance to meet and share experiences and good practices. Although we may have the same general ambitions and aspirations, we should never ever forget that we work in different cultures (both from an organizational point of view as well as national) and that we do have different roles and responsibilities. The latter is of course always extremely important to remember when someone from industry (such as myself) meets someone representing a public procurer (such as Pauline). Nevertheless, the dialogue is very fruitful as long as we all act transparent and honest. And these two days have really been a good example of such an open, transperent and honest climate. Very thankful for that to all parties!


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