Corporations and a diverse workforce

Petra Wahlström brought up an interesting and important issue in early May at CSR i praktiken’s website: What responsibility do corporations have to hire people with e.g. short or none work experience or with different types of disabilities? Personally I do not think one need to talk about a responsibility to do that, but instead focusing the business opportunities and longterm sustainability of operations. To me it is clear that a diverse workforce both helps us create a more interesting, and often more creative, work environment, but also helps us understand our clients and customers better. Society is diverse in a number of different ways, and the better we mirror that diversity, the better business opportunities for us. And it is easily understood that hiring younger colleagues, even if they lack work experience, is important in order to sustain our operations longterm. I even believe that it is a very important signal for us to send to students that they should study classes of importance to us (e.g. science, medicine, pharmacology and engineering). If we never hire graduates, I would believe that less students will study those classes. And I am already concerned about the longterm competence supply to our types of industries…

You will be able to listen and discuss the latter perspective later on today if you partipate in Pharma Online’s seminar for the Pharma Network: The pharmaceutical industry, sustainability, and corporate responsibility. After I have given a more general presentation about social and environmental sustainability initiatives, Tove Engström from AstraZeneca will dicuss competence supply to the sector:

15.00-15.30 Registrering och visning av P/S Apotek
15.30-16.15 Bengt Mattson, miljö- och CSR-chef Pfizer AB, projektledare på Lif. Ingår i miljömålsberedningens expertgrupp inom läkemedelsområdet. Bengt berättar om arbetet med slutbetänkandet kring Läkemedel och miljömålet Giftfri miljö.
16.15-16.35 Tove Engström, director Corporate Brand och Corporate Responsibility, AstraZeneca Sweden.
”Var finns de smartaste hjärnorna idag och i framtiden? Hur säkrar vi läkemedelsbranschens framtid och

More about the Pharma Network seminar in tomorrow’s blog post…


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