Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Media, and Worldfavor

CSR Sweden arranged a breakfast meeting today regarding communication of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in general, and the usage of social media for communication purposes specifically. I have written about social media use, especially within the pharmaceutical sector, several times here at the blog. See for instance the blog posts from Oct 6 2011, Aug 24 2010, April 5 2010, and Nov 24 2010 for details and my views.

The meeting started with an initial discussion around the table where CSR Sweden’s different member companies shared some of their experiences with social media (from the Pfizer perspective those experiences were this blog of course (, the ”Can you feel my pain initiative” (on e.g. facebook and flickr), and the Dizza Tobak project). The floor was then given to Daniel Liljendahl and Andreas Brodecki from

Andreas and Daniel presents Worldfavor

Andreas and Daniel presents Worldfavor

I must say that the Worldfavor platform is very interesting, and it could be a very useful tool for both a company and its different stakeholders. The idea is that companies should present their sustainability efforts on the platform and stakeholders commenting upon the information given or commenting on gaps in the information. But of course also ask direct questions to companies and being able to compare and benchmark different companies to one another.  Anyone who has used facebook would feel home. High interactivity and extremely transparent. The platform uses the requirements (the ”shall sentences”) in ISO 26000 as the expected CSR performance. This of course enables direct comparisons to be made between companies, within a sector as well as between sectors.

As I said, a very interesting initiative, and it will be exciting to see if Worldfavor manages to bring companies as well as all different stakeholders to the platform. It seems to be powerful and it is free of charge, so the possibility for success should definitely be there!

And you have to like the ambition/vision presented by Daniel and Andreas:

”By the year 2020, all companies will communicate their CSR programs via, and the public will be able to influence those programs and thereby contributing to a better world”


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