COP-17 in Durban – just one week away…

It is now just one week left before the UN climate change conference, COP-17, starts in Durban in South Africa. You probably remember the very lively discussions, and very high expectations, before the COP-15 meeting in Copenhagen 2009, and the not so intense discussions prior to and during the COP-16 meeting in Cancun. The level of discussions right now prior to the Durban meeting feels pretty much identical with the Cancun pre-meeting debate. Low expectations, and not very much of a debate at all in general public media. This surprises me to some degree. The threats to nature and human health from global warming is not smaller today than two years ago, most likely actually the opposite. More research has been published showing where we most likley are heading. And a lot of activities are ongoing in industry to manage energy and climate change issues. So why do we not see activities on the political level? Is it so simple that the financial problems around the world takes all focus from our political leaders?

Regardless of the outcome of COP-17 (and my expectations are extremely small), I am convinced that enterprises around the world will continue working with their energy and climate change agenda. It has become a very natural part of the environmental sustainability programs. And in several cases the programs are not only successful from an environental point of view but also from a financial point of view. Decreased energy consumption, changes of energy sources, and other activities very often make good business sense! I would be very surprised if that is not also true for society as such…

To get inspired, please read the IVL report on a Swedish low carbon scenario around year 2050. Please also read about Pfizer’s energy and climate change projects on our global webpage. Projects that have helped us to decrease our emissions of green house gases significantly since the beginning of 2000.

Green house gas emissions

Green house gas emissions



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