Blog Post Number 400: PiE in Parliament

Swedish parliament house

Swedish parliament house

If you read my blog post yesterday, you’ll know that I spoke with the All Party Committee on Environmental Objectives today in Swedish parliament. The topic was PiE, i.e. Pharmaceuticals in the Environment, or actually Pharmaceuticals and the Environment since we discussed not only pharmaceutical substances released into the environment from manufacturing or patient excretion but all different environmental aspects and pharmaceuticals. And I have to say that it is quite a coincident that such an important and interesting discussion takes place the day I write my 400th blog post!

I have had this blog since April 2008, and the topic ”Pharmaceuticals and the Environment” has been one of the topics most frequently addressed. And today’s presentation in parliament discussed several of the issues that I have commented in blog posts over the years, e.g.

- Economic incentives for green pharmaceutiacls (read more in e.g. these blog posts: March 28 2011, Feb 23 2011)

- Releases of API (Active Pharmaceuticals Ingriedient) from manufacturing (read more in e.g. these blog posts: Aug 16 2010, Sept 10 2010)

- Swedish MPA’s proposal of inclusion of environmental requirements into GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) (read more in e.g. this blog post: Jan 5 2011)

- Environmental classification of pharmaceutical substances on

- Green Chemistry (read more in this blog post or on Pfizer’s global webpage)

As you saw in the end of yesterday’s blog post, my two key messages today were:

1. Never deny a patient valuable medical treatment due to environmental reasons. Patient safety shall always come first.
2. The All Party Committee should look upon and use all ongoing initiatives rather than initiate several new initiatives. The most important thing the All Party Committee could do regarding pharmaceuticals and environment is actually to secure that the “right political signals for action” are being sent!

And the ”ongoing initiatives” that I refer to are of course the discussions on green economic incentives, MPA’s proposal regarding GMP-alterations, and the actions discussed in the Swedish National Pharmaceutical Strategy.

I am looking forward to continuing discussions with the All Party Committee on Environmental Objectives and thanks for the opportunity to give my reflections on Pharmaceuticals and the Environment in parliament today!

The parliament building

The parliament building


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