Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

The issue of loss of biodiversity, and the enormous value (and hence related risks) associated with ecosystem services, has been widely discussed during recent years. 2010 was the UN International Year of Biodiversity, and 2011 – 2020 has been named the UN Decade of Biodiversity.

The huge number of plants and other organisms, with substances of very interesting medical properties, in rainforests has been a very often quoted reason why biodiversity is of great importance to the pharmaceutical industry. It has been estimated that in the beginning of the twenty-first century, more than 40% of the world’s top-selling pharmaceuticals were either biologicals, natural products, or entities derived from natural products.

So, how does the pharmaceutical industry’s biodiversity and ecosystem services programs look like? To learn more regarding Pfizer’s program follow this link. And if you are interested in understanding not only how industry works with the issue, but also receive an ”investor analytical perspective on risks and opportunities” read KPMG Sustainability’s and Natural Value Initiative’s report ”Biodiversity and ecosystem services – Risk and opportunity analysis within the pharmaceutical sector”.


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