An Enterprise 2020 Company – what is that?

CSR Sweden arranged a breakfast seminar today where CSR Europe’s Executive President Stefan Crets presented the ”Enterprise 2020 Initiative”.

Stefan Crets, CSR Europe

Stefan Crets, CSR Europe

In Stefan Crets’ words, ”CSR Europe is not a lobbying organization, and it is not a think tank. It is a platform for a change of society and business practices based on sharing and further development of CSR best practices and knowledge with peers and stakeholders”. And for sure, such a platform is really needed. A focus on sharing practical experiences, rather than just theroretical and sometimes even just semantic issues, is definitely welcome. 

And I have to say, that I really like the initiative taken by CSR Europe on building ”Enterprise 2020 Companies”. So what is an Enterprise 2020 Company?

A company must develop its business strategies based on an understanding on how the world will look like in the future. Let’s say 2020. How will trends such as increasing globalisation, demographic change, natural resource scarcity, technology acceleration, global health challenges and social divisions shape business and society? How will the trends influence the capacity of the company and the organisation to create value that contributes to economic, societal and environmental progress?

Global Policy Development

Global Policy Development

In order to fully understand how these global challenges affect business strategies companies also need to understand how those trends affect Global Policy Developments, e.g. ISO 26000, UN Global Compact, GRI on the international level and on a European level e.g. the Europe 2020 Strategy, New EU Communication on CSR (due October 2011), and a legislative proposal on CSR Reporting (due 2012).

EU Policy Development

EU Policy Development

Stefan Crets describes an Enterprise 2020 company as a company that has fully integrated CSR into its business strategies, so business contributes to a SMART, SUSTAINABLE, and INCLUSIVE growth. In order to be successful, social innovation is a key. Social innovation means new ideas, business models, and products and services resolving existing sustainable challenges such as demographic change, human rights violations, finacial crise, environmental degradation, and poverty.

These ideas is nicely aligned with the ”more-than-medication”-strategy for the pharmaceutical industry that I have elaborated upon previously here at the blog:

- The need to fully integrate the CSR startegies into the business strategies of the company (see e.g. blog post from March 29, 2010 (it is in Swedish, sorry for that!))

- 4 steps to a sustainable use of pharmaceuticals (see e.g. blog post from Feb 8, 2011)

- The need for, and opportunities with, social innovation (see e.g. blog post from April 8, 2011)

Enterprise 2020 Company – well, we are not there yet, but we are moving in the right direction…


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