Access to clean water, a necessity for good public health

In today’s issue of MiljöRapporten Direkt (my favourite daily on-line sustainability newsletter from MiljöRapporten) you can read about the proposal for a resolution that was taken by the EU Parliament yesterday regarding global access to clean water. Among the differect actions called for by the resolution is a request from the parliament to the EU-commission and the member states to act in order to secure water supply for the poorest by 2015. The parliament also asks for some kind of ”water footprint” for products placed on the EU market.

I find it interesting, and really called for, that water access issues become a top focus for society. My view has always been that access to clean water is a pre-requisite for good public health. For us who work in the health care sector it is so evident that clean water is fundamental. If people do not have access to clean water, in the end of the day it really does not make a lot of difference if we manage to supply innovative medicines… Access to clean water is a necessity for good health!

As you may know, Pfizer has identified access to water as one of ”our pillars” when it comes to our sustainability initiatives. Others are ”Climate Change and Energy” and ”Product Stewardship”. To read more about Pfizer’s water program follow this link:

”Safe water supply remains a challenge in many parts of the world. Access to clean water is one of the most important global health issues we face today, one that may become more critical in coming years due to our changing climate. There is also growing concern that sustainable access to safe water supply will be further challenged by overuse, population growth, economics and politics, presenting risks not only to individuals and public sector but also to the private sector.”


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