A week of stakeholder dialogues

I just love the stakeholder dialogue!

A very important part of all CSR- and environmental sustainability programs is the stakeholder dialogue. Interaction and engagement with your stakeholders helps develop the programs. And this week I am happy to have interesting stakeholder interactions every single day. And what is extra fun – the stakeholders in these dialogues represent very different stakehodler groups, both internal as well as external.

It started out on Monday with a visit from Grant Mayho, Pfizer’s Medical Director & Occupational Health Lead in Europe and Asia. And who could possibly give me better feedback and advice on possible improvements in our occupational health programs than Grant. And strong occupational health programs, as well as other parts of our health and safety initiatives, are to me a natural part of a strong CSR-program.

And then yesterday I met with, among others, Pauline Göthberg from Stockholm County Council at MSR (Miljöstyrningsrådet, in English: Swedish Environemntal Management Council). We had very good discussions on how county councils should do their follow-up of CSR-aspects in public procurement. Pauline now runs a project together with MSR to develop a ”supplier database”. Read more about Pauline’s work via this link.

Yesterday I also had a meeting with one of the marketing and sales functions within Pfizer AB. I gave a one hour presentation on pharmaceuticals and sustainability aspects. It is always incredibly fun to have these discussions with your colleagues. They bring very interesting questions and issues from the field into the discussion. As educational for myself as for them I hope!

Then today I had the privilege to sit down with colleagues from IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet (in English: Swedish Environmental Research Institute). We had a long and very fruitful discussion on CSR and environmental aspects of industry operations in general, and on the pharmaceutical sector specifically. IVL has a very good competence when it comes to applying a holistic approach, or a systematic approach, to social and environmental challenges. A very good discussion where we managed to really give one another new perspectives on the challenges we all meet. Looking forward to a continuing discussion!

And then tomorrow I will meet pharma colleagues from Orion to discuss sustainability issues within our sector. I believe the discussion will be very interesting since we come from fairly different types of companies when it comes to size, experiences etc. The bigger our differences, the more we potentially could learn from one another!

And on Friday we will have a last project meeting with all stakeholders on the campaign on unsed medicine.

But more regarding the Thursday and Friday meetings later…


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