A day in the life of an environmental manager…

I have to admit that I just love a work-day like this one! This morning we will have a meeting with the local environment, health and safety (EHS) committee at the Swedish Pfizer headquarter in Sollentuna. And in the afternoon, we have a meeting with LIF’s (the association of the research based pharmaceutical industry in Sweden) environmental committee.

This means that the morning discussions are devoted to local EHS challenges such as ventilation issues, slip, trip and fall risks, ergonomic issues, and fire life safety. Issues that are very concrete and where all actions taken are visible almost directly in our local work environment. Very stimulating!

But if I, as an environmental manager in a multinational company like Pfizer, would not be challenged with more global EHS issues I would not be very satisfied in the long run. Hence, I am very pleased to participate in LIF’s environmental committee meeting later today. On the agenda we’ll find issues such as

- the proposal to include three active pharmaceutical ingredients on the list of priority substances within the EU Water Framework Directive,

- the environmental initiatives within the National Pharmaceutical Strategy, e.g.
— Sofia Wallström’s review whether or not environmental considerations should be taken in the Swedish pricing and re-imbursement system and
— the design of green criteria for pharmaceutical products and green economic incentives (i.e. the project I lead on my part time assigment at LIF)

- the All Party Committee on Environemntal Objectives and their initiatives around Pharmaceuticals and the Environment as part of their work with ”A Non-Toxic Environment”

- the Globe Forum Event on April 26, when we hope to see several interesting innovations within the field of pharmaceutucals and the environment (presumably with a focus on waste water treatment)

- the campaign on unused medicines which is ongoing at all Swedish pharmacies in March and April

Looking forward to the meetings today! It will be both fun and interesting!

If you want to read more on these issues please use the following links to some earlier blog posts: Nov 29, 2011, Jan 9, 2012Jan 24, 2012, Feb 21, 2012, and March 19, 2012.


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